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SEO myths that Indian website Optimizers should leave behind

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process that is applied to make websites visible in Search Engines through organic search results as well as helps in ranking of websites in search engines. It is an ever evolving process, which has changed quite a lot in fast few years. With every new update of Google’s algorithm that is rolled out almost every year, affects SEO to a great extent. However, some core ethics still remains unchanged. The change has affected the results that were achieved by using black-hat SEO and several sites were penalized. Activities like keywords stuffing, link scheme, etc. have been affected and with the frequent updates, it becomes difficult to say which practice will sustain and which will not but, one thing is for sure that Content will always remain the King. However, there are several myths associated with search engine optimization, popularly known as SEO, causing a lot of perplexity among entrepreneurs, webmasters, programmers, designers and also digital marketers. Here are some of the myths about SEO, which holds back from the success that is awaiting you.

  1. Exact match domains rank higher: There was a time when search engines gave importance to websites that has exact match domains (EMD) but today, these sites don’t last for long in the list of top ranking websites. EMD are those domains that match perfectly with the targeted query of a search engine in order to rank high on SERPs. This was extensively used in SEO to rank websites high on the major SEs but now, with the new algorithm updates by Google, now-a-days doesn’t give importance to such domains and are usually penalized by spam link building.

  2. Domain Age is important: There are many new websites that outranked old websites. Domain age is a myth that many SEOs still doesn’t know. For a site to rank higher, the quality of content and links matter. If the content in the website is unique and of good quality, nothing can stop it from ranking high on search engine be it new or old.

  3. Keyword Meta tags is given weightage by Search Engines: Earlier, SEOs used to add Meta tags to the pages with the belief that it provided an opportunity to attract visitors. It was thought that Meta descriptions send out a compelling message, which will improve click through rate. However, Google had announced in 2009 that Meta descriptions will not be given any weightage on deciding Search Rankings. Moreover, Bing, one of the foremost search engines considers it as a spam signal and the sites don’t rank.

  4. H1 tags are a crucial element for SEO: H1 tags have long been a major and influential factor, which sends out a significant signal to the SEs regarding the content that contains in the page. However, in recent times, it has been witnessed that there is a modest relation between rankings and H1; however, good H1 headings are still important in terms of usability and accessibility but not for SEO.

  5. Google Penalizes for Invalid HTML: It is myth that Google penalizes for invalid HTML but yes, it doesn’t use authenticated HTML code as a ranking factor. As most websites don’t have proper HTML code and people think that Google penalizes websites that have invalid or broken HTML. However, the fact is not so.

  6. XML Sitemap Boosts Website Rankings: Another myth that rules the SEO world is that an XML sitemap helps in boosting website ranking in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. However, the fact is that it only helps SEs to understand the content in the site in a better way. Google has time and again made it clear that it doesn’t facilitate improved rankings.

  7. Keyword-rich domain names boost rankings in search engines: Many small or big business that is trying to create their online presence often think that Keyword-rich domain names will give a boost to their website’s ranking in the major search engines. However, the fact is that keyword in domain name is not important. Sites that don’t have keywords in their domain names do rank high on Search Engines. Instead of concentrating on specific keywords for a domain names, it is better to spend some time making the site best. Moreover, dot com (.com) TLD is as well no longer important for ranking high on the SERPs.

  8. Google penalties don’t transfer with 301 redirects: After Google rolled out the various updates on its algorithms, many websites were penalized as they did not meet the requirements. Many SEOs came to a conclusion that moving the old website to a new domain might not pass along the penalty. However, the fact is that Google may pass along the penalty even if the old one is redirected to a new URL with 301. It did work for sometime but now, it doesn’t help much and can as well affect the rankings of your site.

  9. Links are the most important thing: Link building was a major SEO practice until sometime but with the Penguin update rolled out by Google, practices like link exchange, link scheme, etc. doesn’t work. Relevant and natural links are given importance rather than irrelevant and unnatural links. Rather, content is given more importance, on the basis of which a website ranks high on Search Engines.

  10. Good Content always ranks high: It is true that good quality and unique content makes it easier for a website to rank high on Search Engines. Along with good content, relevant backlinks and good readership is equally important. Moreover, promotion is also important, which will make your website reach out to the target audiences. This will help in enhancing the visibility of websites and without promotion, even high-quality content might not be known.

  11. Infographics are no longer important: A myth that many SEOs still believes and follows is that Infographics are no longer important as link power from infographics directories is decreasing. However, there is a new way to use these effectively for link building, known as Guestographics. Millions of blog posts are published every day and it is essential to stand out from the rest. With Infographics, you can definitely provide better value for the visitors.

  12. Blog isn’t important: Most companies think that blogs are irrelevant for them. But, the fact is that every business, irrespective of their size should have a blog because relevant backlinks and content are essential for ranking. Blog plays a major role in long-term ranking on Google, especially on organic SERPs. In addition, blog helps in establishing a mark on the niche industry as an expert.

The list of myths is quite long; however, these are some of the common myths that most SEOs, digital marketers, developers and entrepreneurs have. Now, let go off the myths and accept the fact that lies behind successful SEO.

SEO strategy or Google Hummingbird Update

Every year Google, the foremost and the most popular search engine, rolls out search engine algorithm to trap websites that spam its results. The various algorithm of Google has changed the face of SEO or search engine optimization, revolutionizing the entire SEO industry with its regular updates. First algorithm introduced by Google was the Panda update in the year 2011, which was intended to prevent the websites with low-quality content from ranking high in the search engines. This update created a bustle in the SEO industry and the next algorithm, Google Penguin was introduced in the year 2012, which created an upheaval in the SEO industry. Gone are the days when link exchange, paid links and many other unconventional methods were used to deceive the search engine to get higher ranks. But, with this update affected the website rankings and many sites were penalized.

On September 2013, on the eve of 15th anniversary of Google, it introduced a new algorithm named Hummingbird. This algorithm has further changed the SEO and it is intended to focus more on the meaning of a sentence rather than on the words. Earlier, when a search was carried out in the SE the algorithm used to choose the word and roll out links that contained the word. However, with this new algorithm the search engine brings out results that match with the context rather than the results that contained the word or phrase searched for. It is definitely confusing for most of you. This article will clear out all your doubts about this new algorithm by Google.

What is Hummingbird?

No doubt, even today content remains the king. Hummingbird algorithm was rolled out to emphasize more on the meaning of the conversation on the basis of which searches are carried out instead of the keywords. It was a complete fix of the whole algorithm of Google. With this new algorithm, the most popular and the most used search engine, Google understands meaning of a phrase rather than just the keyword.

How it works and affects the websites?

All the three algorithm works together to make search engine work better and yield results with more accuracy. The new algorithm got its named for being fast and precise. One of the major changes that set this apart is that it focuses on “conversational search”. It works perfectly in case of long tail keywords, yielding perfect results to users. Now, websites that had content stuffed with keywords will not rank higher on the search engines. Only those websites that have unique content, without keyword stuffing will rank higher on the SERPs.

This new algorithm work really fast and has affected the ranking of millions of website that are on the Web World. Many websites have faced a loss of traffic after its introduction and hence, affected the rankings. After its introduction, many thought that SEO is dead. However, it is not the case, SEO still works in the same way but the ranking of websites now depends on several factors and content plays an important role in ranking of sites in the SERPs.

How to recover your site if it is hit by Hummingbird?

Hummingbird has further revolutionized the SEO industry, making it difficult for websites to get higher ranks. It is intended to keep a check on those sites that achieves higher ranks using unethical SEO techniques. It is completely different from the previous two algorithms and recovering from it is quite a hazy thing. However, if your website has been hit by it, here are some tips using which, you can recover from this penalty:

  1. Feed with unique content: Don’t get scared if your site is penalized by it. All you need to do is replace the content with unique and fresh ones. It is important to feed the sites regularly with quality, descriptive and unique content as the search engine wants to provide more accurate and precise result to its users.

  2. Say no to black-hat SEO: The black-hat techniques that were used earlier to fetch traffic as well as ranking, no longer works. It is now essential for you to understand the importance of quality content. You should change your marketing strategy and update the sites with fresh and unique content on a regular basis.

  3. Add content that answers the queries: Now Google focuses on answering the questions of users. If your content is able to provide an answer to the queries of the users, your website is working well and will surely rank high on Google SERPs.

  4. Natural backlinks can create wonders: Stop the practice of paid backlinks, it can kill your site completely. Focus more on natural link building and remove all the low-quality and irrelevant links.

  5. Avoid Keyword Stuffing: Your site will definitely be penalized, if the content is stuffed with keywords. The content now no longer needs to be SEO oriented rather it should be more precise and unique.

  6. Use Long tail keywords: Since Hummingbird is all about “conversational search”, make use of long phrases rather than short keywords that were used earlier. Try using lines in place of short words to provide proper meaning. It should be like question and answer and by using such lines as keywords; you can save your website from being penalized under it.

  7. Social Media Promotion: Make use of social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. to save your website from this new algorithm. It gives importance to social media profiles so make sure that you promote it well on all the social networking sites.

  8. Understanding the importance of Authorship: Google Authorship is very essential and is also the best method to make the search engine believe that you are real. You should understand its importance and apply it to your site instantly.

  9. Do not do anything excessive: It is very essential to go about slowly and steadily. Anything that you do hastily to take advantage of the search engine might affect your site adversely. Moreover, excessive of everything is bad so make sure that all the tactics that you use is applied slowly and steadily.

  10. Importance of Google+: Create Google+ profile and optimize it well. This new algorithm gives maximum importance to it. Make utmost use of it to help the search engine identify your brand.

Last but not the least, Hummingbird gives importance to unique content along with long tailed keywords. It is designed to answer complex queries of users with utmost accuracy. Hope this article will be able to help you understand the new algorithm and help you save your website from being penalized by it.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Pinterest Marketing Tips for Social Media Marketing

Pinterest is a pin board style content Sharing social media website and is now one of the most popular in Social Media Marketing circle after Facebook and Twitter. It has in no time stretched out its reach to marketers , bloggers, local businesses, etc. With a slight creativity and Information you can use it to drive hoard of traffic to your website as well as generates leads and sales. It offers excellent opportunities for Internet Marketers and new as well as existing businesses to expand their business.

You must be wondering as to how to use it as an effective online marketing tool. Here are some simple but effective Pinterest marketing tips for Social Media Marketing :

Complete your profile
: It is important to create your profile in Pinterest and for that all you need to follow is never use a logo and instead use headshot in the profile, make your name painless to locate, add links to other social networking sites, link your profile to facebook as well as Twitter to find your friends and so that they can as well find you, make your profile attractive so that your personality glitters and the top 3 people you repin appear on the top on the right.

Informative Pins: After completion of profile creation, start pinning. Use creative , Informative and original pin titles and never focus on product instead focus on lifestyle. It is important to use keywords in description and you should tag others and use “@” while tagging. Pin a photo and edit the link if you do not have one, also use Bookmarklet as these are easy web pins. It is essential to make your pins attractive and visual and never forget to credit the source of your pin.

Create Boards : Use humorous and entertaining titles for boards. Keywords should be included in descending as well as it is more effective to blend others content with that of yours. Pin images from your clients as well as repin helpful images. You should create motivating collages and also add playful images for your personality to let your personality glitter.

Interesting Images : For effective Pinterest marketing, it is important to use images in a very attractive ways as images play a notable role in attracting visitors. All you need to do is add watermark for identity, style your product photo, it is always better to use natural light in photos, you should pin photos related to your product, make your infographic text large, place title on top of the photo and lastly pin photo linking to video.

Copyright Care : In order to avert the issues of copyright, you should always state the source of your pin, display URL on images, make use of unique commas and bookmarklet for via and hat tips, state copyright on website, always ask pinned w/o credit, avoid obscurity, make use of copyright symbols and never forget to give credit to the photos.

Take Part in Contests : Contests are a great way to get you and your product or service noticed. All you need to do is pin photos and tag brands in order to win, host board scavenger hunt as well as monthly board contest as repined boards generally wins, pin images of contest rules, integrate Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, make use of client’s pin product images and lastly use hashtag for client videos.

Collaborate : Collaboration is another effective Pinterest marketing technique. All you need to do is create themed group boards, group scavenger hunt of pins, ask for collaborator repins, promote joint events, curate lifestyle boards, host a board tour, throw a Pinterest party and lastly crowd source your product.

Research : Research can help you and take you a long way. All you need to do is review other business boards, recognize Pinterest marketing goals, carry out keyword searches for pins, boards as well as people, analyze and evaluate results of about 60 brand conversion, boards that gets repined and whether Pinterest is driving traffic.

Keep it Simple : It is important to keep things simple as it attracts more visitors. The boards should be kept simple and use images that are attractive.

Connect your physical Presence : It is important to connect your physical presence with your online presence as it will help in increasing your sales , bring seo traffic as well as help you drive sky-scrapping return on investment.

Share on all Social Media Networks : Connect to Pinterest through other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to feed Pinterest with new pins and since these networks already have a huge horde of users, you will be noticed at an earliest and this can prove to be a very effective way of Pinterest marketing.

Follow the Famous : The best way among a few is to increase awareness about your company is by start following the big names on Pinterest. This is an established method on other social media sites. When you follow popular personalities, they follow you back and as a result, other users get the message and follow the leader. In this way your company, product or service gets noticed.

These are just a few simple and easy but exceedingly effective Pinterest marketing tips that will help you in achieving your desired goal. There are more ways that are equally effective, which you can consider in order to fulfill your online marketing goals and build your online charisma using social media networks.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Conversion rate optimization tips

Having a website, ranking high on search engines and having seo traffic is not all that an online business should be contended with, instead they should be focused in converting the visitor traffic into sales or leads. Conversion rate Optimization is the most effective way to increase the profit of an online shopping store or an ebusiness. It is a technique of converting visitor traffic into sales and leads.

Conversion rate optimization is an enduring process that necessitates a lot of time as well as testing as the techniques and methods that are applied are different for different websites. Now, you must be wondering about how and where to start. Here are some easy tips that will be helpful for you.

Optimize Acquisition Channel : It is essential to optimize the landing page, paid search and display advertisements at first as it is easy to show the reduction on overall cost per acquisition. This is particularly helpful if you wish to show conversion optimization value. However, you can also optimize top referred pages but you need to be cautious in dealing with organic search entry due to its changing traffic volume as well as changing search engine algorithms.

Regular Competitor analysis : It is exceedingly important to analyze the competitors as it will provide you the actual picture of the competition, what the potential customers are actually looking for and also what are the aspects on which they are on top of you and help you in working towards it.

Make Long-term promotion strategy : It is advisable to be careful while promotion as it can have adverse effect on lifetime value, although it might have beneficial effect on conversion rate. Moreover, online prospects are pre-conditioned to give less and get more but these sales are unlikely to be repeated without unprofitable promotions.

Apply right tools & techniques : Conversion rate Optimization techniques are different for different business needs as they have different methods of testing, distinct performance capability, varying levels of merchant support and service level agreement, various cost structure, different reporting capabilities and resource needs and thus making it essential to choose and use the right tools and techniques for proper conversion.

Well-written product descriptions : As we all know that content has been crowned as the king as it is capable of grabbing the attention of the visitors, it is important to have concise and attractive content that is overloaded with information and be vigilant regarding the volume of the content.

Apply Google analytics : Use Google analytics as it is helpful in determining the behavior of the visitors making conversion easier.

Build Trust : It is important for a new business to build trust amid the visitors and this is possible only by having a contact page that will contain every single detail about the company, physical address of the company, map locations, provide phone numbers that are existing and used, proper privacy policies, service level agreements, logo and trademark an security certificates.

Apply SEO Techniques : It has been revealed that websites that are being properly optimized works better in Search Engine Result Pages i.e. SERPs, and enhances the visibility and search ranking of the website. Thus optimization helps in SEO to a great extend.

Optimize regularly : Optimization is an enduring process and takes time and persistence. It is not just a one-time process. It needs proper planning in order to achieve long-term success. It is essential to make optimization a habit by optimizing everything thing that is possible and incorporate optimization software into each and every website so that you do not lag behind in terms of technology.

keyword Research & Placement : It is essential to carry out proper keyword research as it helps in ranking of the website as well as helps in internal searches. Grammatical and typo errors should be completely avoided while keyword research as this can affect the search of the potential customers leading to loss in sales.

Calls to action : Calls to action is a text, link or images that guides and directs the visitor to take an action that you want them to take. Each page on your website necessitates a call to action. It constitutes almost anything and everything but some of which you can use are Call us, email us, add to cart, continue reading, follow us, check out our services, view testimonials, buy now, etc.

These are some of the tips that will prove to be beneficial for you and will surely help you in improving your conversion rate optimization along with fetching amazing results that you might have never dreamt of.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Advantages of Online Shopping / Buying Online

The internet world is advancing at a faster pace and has also revolutionized the way of shopping. The rewarding advantage of eCommerce has helped in gaining impetus as it is flooded with online buyers. At the present time, it is seen that buyers are swayed by online shopping for various factors that appears to be more convenient than the conventional way of shopping.

Online Shopping / Buying Online

Some of the factors that have persuaded buyers to prefer online shopping over conventional buying are :

Convenience :  Online shopping provides convenience of buying things at anytime of the day as these stores are open 24X7. It is one of the most significant advantages of online stores which are not offered by the conventional stores. It does not necessitate going to any crowed malls or marketplaces as the shopping can be done just while sitting at home, office or any place around the globe.

Reasonable Price :  It is very much true that any buyer prefers product that comes with best price and when it comes to shopping, the price and the service occupies the top position. The online stores offer cheap deals and better pricing for the reason that the products comes directly from the manufacturer or seller without any involvement of a third party. It is not so incase of conventional buying.

Time Saving : In today’s fast moving world, time is the most precious thing amongst all. Shopping from online stores, saves a lot of time by making it possible for the buyers to purchase their preferred products sitting at home as it does not require going to the marketplace or shopping malls or standing in line, unlike conventional shopping.

Variety :  Online stores offer a wide collection of products endowing the customers with an incredible shopping experience.  It provides the buyers with the opportunity to choose from a glut of products that vary from brands, pricing as well as categories. Apart from these, it is not curbed within a particular geographical periphery and it also offers experience of selecting products from the online catalog.

Shipping : Shipping is a leading factor that persuades buyers to take on online shopping activities. As the online stores offer free shipping by delivering the purchased products to the buyers by means of Courier and logistic services, guarantying a convenient and trustworthy delivery at their doorstep and this is what increases the inclination of the buyers towards online shopping.

Price Comparison : A number of online platforms are available that provides a comprehensive research as well as price comparison of a product or service offered by various online retailers and helps the buyers to take the one that comes with the best price.

Compulsive Shopping : A great advantage of online shopping is there is no compulsion to buy any product, unlike conventional shopping as there are no salespersons trying to persuade the customers by using their skills to make them buy any product which may or may not be of much use.

Lesser Expenses : Unlike conventional shopping, online shopping helps in cutting down some unnecessary expenses like travelling, eating out, hasty shopping etc.

Discreet Purchases : Online shopping offers complete privacy of buying products that people might not be very comfortable buying from traditional shops thinking that someone might be watching them buying these products, their choice etc.

Buying old or unused products : Online stores make buying of old or unused products possible at a much lower price. It is not possible incase of conventional shopping as buying of antiques, etc. are much costlier in conventional shops.

Apart from providing complete privacy and security, online shopping not only provides the comfort of shopping without going anywhere but also saves time, energy and money which is not in the case of conventional shopping.  Hence with the wide ranging benefits of online shopping, it has become evident that the conventional way of shopping has been taken over by online shopping and has turned out to be one of the most preferred ways of shopping for Indian buyers and only because of these reasons, the ecommerce industry is booming in India.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

How to SEO ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce website posses an inimitable quality designed to escort the visitors to make an online purchase. Ecommerce Website design and Search engine optimization for e-commerce websites is equally a difficult task as e-commerce web development. It is unlike other website development as it requires to be eye-catching, well-ordered and apply the right colors that matches the website character. Both the web designer as well as the search engine optimizer requires judging an array of online promotion ethics while designing and optimizing an ecommerce website.

Some important SEO tips for ecommerce websites are :

  • Title and Meta tags : Every page of a site should contain appropriate metadata based on the keywords one is trying to rank for. The page title should be unique and limited to 70 characters and the page description to 150 characters in order to optimize a site for major search engines.

  • Optimize Product descriptions : Contents of a site should be given precedence as Search engines give importance to excellent quality content which is ought to be considered as an enduring SEO approach. Addition of editorial product reviews, how-to pages and guides to complement the products should be taken into consideration.

  • Optimize navigation : The thought behind Optimizing navigation is to keep product pages and category pages close to the core source. This will aid search engines discover and index the Product pages faster.

  • Improve internal linking :  Linking wittily among products and categories can facilitate the SEO by giving additional power of certain pages. Breadcrumbs are helpful to link from product pages back to the category page, however also linking from the FAQ section to a product or even between products helps.

  • Website loading time: The time taken to load a webpage is important for SEO and for increasing conversion rates. To test how quickly (or not) your pages are loading and to view helpful suggestions use a page analyzer tool.

  • Sitemaps: An HTML site map and XML site maps facilitates both latent clientele and search engines. The XML site map is helpful in indicating to the engines which pages are accessible on the site and to guarantee as many as feasible get into the index. The HTML site map is used to let the clientele to locate product and category pages swiftly.

  • Amalgamate homepage versions: Some e-commerce sites contain numerous versions of their homepage and the outcome of it is inferior performance. In order to check the existence of a number of similar versions, one should use content duplication checker. It will lend a hand to reduce plagiarism of the contents.

  • Web Hosting : It is very essential to have superior web hosting as bad web hosting averts the existing as well as the latent customers from finding the site and might put a stop to it from receiving and staying totally indexed in the search engines. The online reputation might be at a risk of getting ruined entirely.

  •  Customer Support : Do consider implementing a live chat software at the Time of ecommerce web development. A live help & Support may encourage buyers who are confused to ask for Help. Live help software and Good customer support Help in closing more sales.

Search engine optimization for an E-Commerce website is a lot more difficult, prolonged and costly process than optimization of other type of websites. Nevertheless a properly designed vibrant optimization setup is an incredible way to get incremental traffic for definite searches, particularly higher converting long-tail product queries. If you have any online shopping store or business website need and require an assessment & price quotation for ecommerce marketing or  seo services then please feel free to contact us anytime – 24×7 – info@seotrafficsearch.com or Call us at +91-9717030037

Best of Luck for your Sales!

Monday, 20 August 2012

How to seo Drupal

Drupal is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) and content management framework (CMF) that supports over 17,000 community written add-ons. It is written in PHP; a general-purpose scripting language originally designed for development of websites, and is distributed under the General Public License. According to an estimate, roughly 3% of all the websites worldwide ranging from corporate websites, Ecommerce pages and personal blogs use Drupal as their back-end system support.


How to SEO drupal

Drupal core is the standard release of Drupal and contains crucial features that are common for all the content management systems. These features include registration and maintenance of user accounts, RSS feeds, menu management, page layout customization, and system administration. It can be installed to run a static brochure site, an Internet forum, a multi-user blog, or a community based website that runs on user-generated content.

Drupal is an easy platform to learn and offers extended plugin opportunities. Some plugins are easy to integrate but depending on the complexity, other may require an expert help (link to website) in amalgamation. To make your Drupal website SEO friendly, we’ve listed Drupal modules below:


Using Nodewords, you can add meta tags to Drupal pages. Various pre-saved settings are available for automatic saving or if you wish, it can be done manually as well. Some key meta tags including keywords, description and canonical URL can help the website to obtain better search engine rankings. Nodewords is created to maintain the most useful meta tags. While using this module, we advise you to make a backup of your database before updating Nodewords to a new version and doing the test site.

Integrated Metatags

This module allows you to describe content data in META-tags on complete page views, with the option to save Metatag as per the type. Integrated Metatags can be used to randomly produce Metatags for your website. Some of the other features of this module include data exposure from multiple sources - including user information that can be exposed in a Metatag;, CCK Support; Set Metatags for each content type and the related basic support.

Site map

Site Map for Drupal provides a site map to give an overview of the site to visitors. You can also use it to display the RSS feeds for all blogs and categories. The newer versions of Drupal can automatically generate RSS feeds. You can use this module to include latest blogs, books, message on the sitemap page, menus that display all the details when clicked and even any specific category such as vocabulary, with all the terms expanded.


The Pathauto module, when used in a Drupal website, can automatically generate URL/path aliases for different content pages (nodes, taxonomy terms, users) without needing the user to manually write the path alias. This allows the website to have URL aliases such as category/my-node-title instead of /node/123. These aliases are based on a "prototype" that uses tokens which can be easily changed by the administrator. To successfully run this module, you need to be well versed with Drupal and if you are not sure how to integrate it with your site, give us a call. We’ll do it for you gladly.


It is another module which can provide a clean URL for a path on a site. However, the old path (for example node/431) will not get removed from Drupal. You should use it only if you know how to manually remove the duplicate URLs representing the same content; otherwise there is a chance for your website getting banned by the search engines!

Content Optimizer

This SEO module for Drupal helps to increase a website’s search engine rankings by improving certain on-page optimization factors and ensure that your site content match up with the Drupal SEO best practices. It facilitates a quick SEO analysis as a quick and hassle free guide to assure search engine optimization practices are consistently followed. The analysis gives a vital content statistics and suggests changes to improve website rankings. Using the Content Optimizer, you can edit nodes and optimize content without having to leave the node edit form. It also provides a block for any page on your site. Using its admin form, you can do an additional analysis of input options including a URL input enabling analysis of any accessible page and a node id input for analysis of saved nodes. It also works with Meta Tags and Page Title for better optimization results.

Google Analytics

This is a web statistics tracking system that can be added to a Drupal website for the following features:

  1. Single/multi domain tracking

  2. Monitoring of type of links that are tracked (downloads, outgoing, newsletter or mailto)

  3. Selectively track users and pages

  4. Know which files are downloaded from your pages

  5. Custom code snippets

  6. Custom variables support with tokens

  7. AdSense support

  8. Site Search support

  9. Make the visitors IP address anonymous

  10. Cache the Google Analytics code on your local server for improved page loading times

  11. Page not found (404) and Access denied (403) tracking

  12. Version specific features

Google Analytics Reports lets you track the website’s data in a graphical form which include dashboard widget for admins, a brief report and a full path-based report.

Scribe SEO Analyzer

It is a search engine optimization software service for Drupal that analyzes website pages, blog posts, articles and press releases at the click of a button. Scribe then suggests content creators how to tweak their writing to get a better traffic rate while maintaining a qualitative reader-focused copy. It considers four key parts – keywords, content, site structure and links and is specially designed to help writers participate in an organic SEO process through a clever review and page analysis.

In all, optimizing a Drupal website is not as tough as it sounds. A little research on the web along with some smart changes in the format of your blog should be able to give you the right visibility under the right words.However, do understand that such things take time to show results and depending upon the competition for your chosen keywords, you may need to practice some patience to achieve desired results.If you need any assistance in Configuring Drupal CMS or installing Drupal Modules on your website, feel free to get in touch with seo traffic search. Our seo company offer Advanced Drupal seo services at highly competitive rates in India.